Why on earth would anyone need a life coach?

What is this mindfulness woo woo?

Two statements that several years ago, yes you have guessed it already, I said myself. Life was steady for me, all going to ‘plan’ and I hadn’t really encountered much that my slightly wilful personality couldn’t break through.

Fast forward to present day and I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t reached out to talk to someone, would I have lost myself?

That’s right, my life took a monumental change and all of a sudden this incredibly new territory was in front of me. I have been mentoring, coaching and helping others for years but turning the mirror on myself was something I hadn’t done to date.

But everyone in their lives at least once will get this epiphany I think and when you do, strap your seat belt on. It was both the strangest time and yet the most liberating time of my life. It gave me the opportunity to really take the reins for once and say and do exactly what I needed to.

So it got me thinking what if I could reach out and help others? As wanting to is half the battle. So without further ado, hello everyone my name is Katie and I am the Serenity Life Coach and I would love to assist you just as I got a helping hand myself.

I have decided to stick a little to my strengths and experiences in my tailored coaching sessions but I feel this gives you the faith that I am a real, down to earth and honest person who you can hopefully build a trusting and lasting relationship with.